Writing + me = should not be compatible :p

I am 24 years old. Acting is my primary job and i do so very willingly for GMA network. As a byproduct of this, i also continue to do photoshoots, host, and do other things related to my main line of work. Aside from all that, i also WRITE. (duh.. i do have a blog diba?) And, just like acting, it isn’t something i thought i would ever do. I was hit or miss with my essays and papers when i was going to school. Most of the time, i would end up cramming my written projects at the very last second! Seriously.. I would be in the computer lab and come in my class 15 minutes late because i was busy writing the last few paragraphs of my double spaced, verdana font paper. i used those settings because they took up the most space on paper and we did have page requirements in school! (c’mon, most of us do this haha. although i bet some of you didnt know verdana was a fat font hehe)

Anyway, before i stray from my point, I had no idea i was going to be writing! It was never a goal of mine and i had never pursued it until it fell on my lap in the middle of last year. To prove my point, i was fixing my room awhile ago and found a small piece of paper that proves that my being in the writing business is came out of nowhere!

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On the Philippine Star: “Enjoy Life”

The Simple Things

By Mikael Daez

Through the years, I grew up with people who had huge ambitions and dreams. From my classmates to my teammates and the friends I met elsewhere, we all reached for the high heavens when we pictured ourselves several decades removed from school. Plans to lead the country, retire rich, build mansions in every continent, become CEOs and travel the world were just a few of the lofty goals that my colleagues had.

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The simple things: puto + dulce de leche

So a few weeks ago i was doing some grocery shopping along tomas morato. out of nowhere i see a little crowd surrounding, what looked like a taho vendor (tin cans and all). Di ko pinansin. I didnt feel like getting taho anyway. But, as i got closer, i saw people coming out with —-> *see picture*

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On The Philippine Star: Uncut with Lovi Poe

Uncut with Lovi Poe
By Mikael Daez

Lovi Poe – I had only recognized her name prior to entering showbiz, with no real grasp of how she actually looked. To me, she was another actress in the sea of artists swimming around our ever-expanding television industry. Either way, it’s not like I was into local entertainment issues. Later though, I would discover that she is actually the daughter of the legendary FPJ. This came around about the same time her eye-catching billboard along North EDSA popped up. Then, in a surprise turn of events, I would be hurled headfirst into doing my first movie with her, Temptation Island. In each encounter I had with Lovi, come to find something new in her. It was like a puzzle where each time we would run into her or just a shade of her, I would get a better view of the whole picture, the whole persona of Lovi. With this interview, I think I found more than a few pieces that I can add to the person that is Lovi Poe. Continue reading

On the Philippine Star: Uncut with Timmy Eigenmann aka Sid Lucero


UNCUT with Timmy Eigenmann aka Sid Lucero

                                                          By Mikael Daez

To date, I can’t really say I’ve interviewed a lot of people. For my column alone, I’ve only had a handful of interviewees and in my lifetime, not much more than that. But, I must admit I love talking to different people because I expose myself to all these various personalities and opinions. I say this now because of all the people I have had a chance to talk to, Timmy stands out in very specific areas. He answers my questions with unreserved candidness and though that description may be redundant, it is only because I want to emphasize it. He tells his story and although I had heard snippets of them while we were working together last year, I wanted him to share it again for everyone to know. It’s a great short story with numerous insights which make it even better to just think about and marvel at. Continue reading