On the Philippine Star: The Penshoppe Experience

The Penshoppe Experience
By Mikael Daez

It was roughly a year ago that my manager called me and broke the great news – I was going to get my first endorsement deal! I was going to be the new face of Penshoppe and I was simply ecstatic about the whole thing! Obviously enough, I was happy about the financial implications of the whole deal but more significantly, I felt very honored that such a huge brand would put their trust in me to help them grow. In the twelve months that followed the signing of that deal, I would discover many things about myself and Penshoppe and how much that relationship has made an impact on me. Continue reading

Uncut Episode 02: Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup

I have been unforgivingly delinquent with my blog posts but there is just so much going on at the moment. Nevertheless, I will strive to be better and regularly update. Since I have been gone for a bit over a week, I owe it to everyone to post something huge!!! So, this is it! I would like to introduce the second episode of my Uncut series! I ran into a few more road bumps than i expected. There were production, editing and organizational issues but let’s put that behind us and learn from it. For now, I hope you enjoy the video because a lot of people have been waiting for this.

Shot by: Gali Te and Isabel Bengzon
Director of Photography: Marco Limjap
Photographer: Gabby Cantero
Makeup: Carla Avancena and Joyce Platon
Hair: Chris Rodil for Loreal Professionel
Created by: Mikael Daez

Here is the link to the teaser video.
Here is the link to the column that came out on the Philippine Star

Again, thank you to everyone who helped out in the production of the video and interview– you were all great!!! I plan on continuing these episodes so let’s all keep learning and keep striving to improve! :D GOOD JOB EVERYONE!

I will put up Episode 03 next week, by the way!
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Music Monday: music nightcap :)

This is my 3rd straight post!! oh yeah, we’re rolling. But i’ve actually been working on a huge redesign for this website on top of taping for My Beloved which has really just kept me away from my blog. But, this is it. we are back at it and i do not plan on letting up. i have alot to catch up on but first, i have to get back to putting up my favorite tracks! here we go :)

Ever since i was younger, one of my favorite and most played playlists would be the one that you can listen to before going to sleep. i’d play it in my room, during long drives out of town or when i’m trying to just relax and take a nap. Back then, my nightcap playlist was filled with senti-songs! just love songs and acoustics which i find way too cheesy nowadays. i eventually grew out of that and developed a more diverse appreciation for other pretty good songs that i can sleep to. Continue reading

Baguio Love


When i was younger, my family always had at least one trip to baguio. i was always so excited for those trips because it was always cold, i’d get to wear a jacket all day and i’d get to play minigolf in john hay :D :D :D oh, and i was also excited to see the fog and do the “white trail”! hehe. Surprisingly, the more i think about it, the more memories start rushing back.

Continue reading