On the Philippine Star: Doing the Work

Doing the Work

By Mikael Daez


Just a week ago, I opened a package that delivered one of the biggest surprises of my 2012. It came in a long brown envelope and looked nothing out of the ordinary but as soon as I slid out the piece of paper, my eyes widened and I had to make sure I was reading the words correctly. In large font, the piece of paper had the words, “Nomination for Outstanding Breakthrough Artist.” I was nominated for an acting award! I was in complete shock! It has only been ten months into my acting career and there is still a long way to go so the thought of receiving nominations and awards never really crossed my mind. Regardless, this is real and I am infinitely grateful to the Entertainment Press Society and Golden Screen Awards for the nomination. Continue reading

AWOL no more!!! I’m back :D

Okay, this was an unnecessarily long time to be away from the blog!!! Sorry guys but I’ve been extremely busy yet again. Been learning a lot of new things, working on different projects but the time has come for me to make a comeback :D I am really hoping to get everything back on track again. The Holy week has passed, Labor Day weekend has come and gone, there are no more vacation excuses! Time to buckle down and get back to what I have to do. The following is what I have in store just to whet your appetite.

- I’ll be posting all my Philippine Star articles every other day until I get back up to speed! I know most of you don’t get to read the papers anymore so this is your chance to catch up as well :)

- The return of MUSIC MONDAYS! Okay, I took this for granted but apparently, a lot of people have been looking for it. Lezzdothis! I got a lot of new tracks to share :)

- A whole lot more features! Travel, FOOD and anything under my sun will be posted. During the past month, I’ve been through a lot and it’s about time I share my experiences as well :)

- I’ll be holding a couple of contests which means free goodies for all of you!!! :D (you know you want it)

Let’s keep it at that for now! I’m excited and hope you guys are too! Time to work :) :) :)

Uncut Episode 02: Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup

I have been unforgivingly delinquent with my blog posts but there is just so much going on at the moment. Nevertheless, I will strive to be better and regularly update. Since I have been gone for a bit over a week, I owe it to everyone to post something huge!!! So, this is it! I would like to introduce the second episode of my Uncut series! I ran into a few more road bumps than i expected. There were production, editing and organizational issues but let’s put that behind us and learn from it. For now, I hope you enjoy the video because a lot of people have been waiting for this.

Shot by: Gali Te and Isabel Bengzon
Director of Photography: Marco Limjap
Photographer: Gabby Cantero
Makeup: Carla Avancena and Joyce Platon
Hair: Chris Rodil for Loreal Professionel
Created by: Mikael Daez

Here is the link to the teaser video.
Here is the link to the column that came out on the Philippine Star

Again, thank you to everyone who helped out in the production of the video and interview– you were all great!!! I plan on continuing these episodes so let’s all keep learning and keep striving to improve! :D GOOD JOB EVERYONE!

I will put up Episode 03 next week, by the way!
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On The Philippine Star: Uncut with Lovi Poe

Uncut with Lovi Poe
By Mikael Daez

Lovi Poe – I had only recognized her name prior to entering showbiz, with no real grasp of how she actually looked. To me, she was another actress in the sea of artists swimming around our ever-expanding television industry. Either way, it’s not like I was into local entertainment issues. Later though, I would discover that she is actually the daughter of the legendary FPJ. This came around about the same time her eye-catching billboard along North EDSA popped up. Then, in a surprise turn of events, I would be hurled headfirst into doing my first movie with her, Temptation Island. In each encounter I had with Lovi, come to find something new in her. It was like a puzzle where each time we would run into her or just a shade of her, I would get a better view of the whole picture, the whole persona of Lovi. With this interview, I think I found more than a few pieces that I can add to the person that is Lovi Poe. Continue reading

On the Philippine Star: Uncut with Timmy Eigenmann aka Sid Lucero


UNCUT with Timmy Eigenmann aka Sid Lucero

                                                          By Mikael Daez

To date, I can’t really say I’ve interviewed a lot of people. For my column alone, I’ve only had a handful of interviewees and in my lifetime, not much more than that. But, I must admit I love talking to different people because I expose myself to all these various personalities and opinions. I say this now because of all the people I have had a chance to talk to, Timmy stands out in very specific areas. He answers my questions with unreserved candidness and though that description may be redundant, it is only because I want to emphasize it. He tells his story and although I had heard snippets of them while we were working together last year, I wanted him to share it again for everyone to know. It’s a great short story with numerous insights which make it even better to just think about and marvel at. Continue reading

On the Philippine Star: Uncut with Venus and Shamcey

UNCUT with Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup
By Mikael Daez

Uncut is a series that looks to give its audience a glimpse into the real and raw personalities of its subjects. It aims to engage its audience and share the experience between the interviewees and myself.

I have to admit that I was very excited for this particular interview. I had been setting up this shoot for weeks because it was very difficult adjusting to their hectic work schedule. But, I was finally able to get both of them in a studio together and it was worth it! In terms of expectations, I already had a feeling that my short conversation with them was going to be very interesting. Think about it, beauty aside, these two ladies were put under the microscope all around the world and came out victorious. That kind of experience, I think, can really force someone to grow and I wanted to know what kind of person it took to be able to withstand all that pressure and competition while staying classy and glamorous. Continue reading

Teaser for Uncut Episode 2: The Beauty Queens

I haven’t been very active on Twitter, my past few blogposts were actually just queued up from last week and that is mainly because of taping and uncut! I’ve been working hard on both and have been really happy with the outcome. Finally, after a month and a half gap, i have a little teaser for the 2nd episode of Uncut! Enjoy and watch out for the interview and video coming out this Sunday, January 29! It’s not that difficult to guess who my subjects are :p

On the Philippine Star: Interview with JC and Sarah

UNCUT with JC Tiuseco and Sarah Lahbati

                                                          By Mikael Daez

 Uncut is a series that looks to give its audience a glimpse into the real and raw personalities of its subjects. It aims to engage its audience and share the experience between the interviewees and myself.

  …on persevering through the breaks in between projects

“Honestly, napaka-impatient ako na tao kaya sinasabi ko sa sarili, kailan ba ako magkaka-project? Pero good thing hindi ako pinabayaan ng GMA…binigyan ako ng singing, dancing and acting workshop na matagal” – Sarah

“I was okay with it kasi I was trying to wait for myself to adjust to showbiz because Survivor had nothing to do with acting, singing or anything showbiz. Sobrang hirap ng adjustment ko so inaantay ko yung time na maka-adjust ako.”

After winning starstruck two years ago, Sarah became a hot item among the television audience but it is only now that she is able to realize her potential as she is casted in the lead role of the new drama series, “Kokak” on GMA7. She cherishes the two years that it took to get to where she is because it allowed her to grow as a person and artist. Gaining confidence every step of the way, she landed supporting roles in several television shows and movies that allowed her to explore her talents and eventually maximize them.

JC, on the other hand, won the first season of Survivor Philippines and was thrust head first into the unforgiving showbiz industry. He claims to have started from scratch when it came to acting and since then worked hard to develop the skills he needed succeed in his line of work.

Continue reading

Uncut Episode 01: JC Tiuseco and Sarah Lahbati

After a week of tirelessly working on my first production ever, i am happy to finally introduce, Uncut. Consider this a prologue to my column coming out this Monday, December 12, 2011  on the Philippine Star which i hope you all get to read. To the viewers of this episode and all the fans of JC and Sarah, i hope you enjoy!!

Created by: Mikael Daez
Shot by: Nicky and Mauro Daez
Photographer: Gabby Cantero
Makeup: Joyce Platon
Hair: Adrianne Concepcion and “Mystery Person”
Editor: Dean Demetria

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