On the Philippine Star: Uncut with Timmy Eigenmann aka Sid Lucero


UNCUT with Timmy Eigenmann aka Sid Lucero

                                                          By Mikael Daez

To date, I can’t really say I’ve interviewed a lot of people. For my column alone, I’ve only had a handful of interviewees and in my lifetime, not much more than that. But, I must admit I love talking to different people because I expose myself to all these various personalities and opinions. I say this now because of all the people I have had a chance to talk to, Timmy stands out in very specific areas. He answers my questions with unreserved candidness and though that description may be redundant, it is only because I want to emphasize it. He tells his story and although I had heard snippets of them while we were working together last year, I wanted him to share it again for everyone to know. It’s a great short story with numerous insights which make it even better to just think about and marvel at. Continue reading

Amaya Animated!

Okay, so it has long been known that Amaya has millions of fans. Some fans are so diehard that they would go out of their way to support the show in very creative ways. One particular fan has definitely caught my eye. I would like to present some of the Amaya characters in Anime art!!!

Do those pictures look cool or what?!?! Whoever is the artist of these pictures, please come forward so you can be recognized. I just saw these files floating around the internet so i grabbed them. And hey, maybe the artist has more Amaya anime art!! His drawing style looks really fun so i’d love to see more! what do you think??? you want more?!

Amaya Christmas Party

Of all the Christmas parties this December, I knew this one was going to be fun!! However, I was so excited to see the whole Amaya production again that I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures! :( hassle.. So i just stole from others who did get to take harharhar. But either way, it was great seeing everybody. There were a lot of games and raffles through out the night and there was a great and heartwarming speech from Amaya herself which i hate myself for not being able to video.

Basically, Ms Marian Rivera spoke about Amaya in such a way that everybody in the party could relate to. She may have been speaking for herself but i think all of us felt the same way. Her main points were:

  • thanking the WHOLE production for a job VERY VERY well done
  • explaining how this project has been very different from everything else she has done
  • she mentioned how she was able to become close to the whole cast, something that she had never experienced before.
  • she thanked everyone who was a part of Amaya because she felt loved. in her words “pinakita ko ang buong pagkatao ko sa inyo, minahal ko kayo at minahal niyo rin ako” (i paraphrased a bit)

I think every person who was part of this project can say the same thing. We all left everything on the line for the show. Walang hiyaan na. From the veterans to the newbies, we gave it all! :D In return, we got an experience and made friends we will never forget.

Here is a random bunch of pictures that I was able to scavenge from different people:
*i’ll try to look for more and update this page soon.

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The legendary “buckle dance” of Amaya…

I’ve written quite a bit about Amaya in my weekly Sunday column for the Philippine Star. I’ve told stories of my experiences and how i had grown with the cast and crew. I think it’s time to pay a visit to a more intimate side.

Anyway, as you would all know, the tagalog words we use in Amaya are DEEP! It is 20,000 leagues under the sea kind of deep that even if youre a filipino teacher, baka ma-nosebleed ka! :p In effect, during tapings, you may not see our bad takes and horrible mispronunciations but they are there and they can be…very interesting.

Having so many different personalities on set, we each have our own way of dealing with mistakes during a scene. I always end up looking down, waving my hand and saying “sorry, direk.” Other cast members will make a face, others will curse the hell out of the world, and at times we all just laugh about it. (can you guess who always curses after they buckle??)

Although, there is a legend that the best actors in the business have a so-called “buckle dance.” — A trademark dance move that comes immediately after the said talented actor buckles when saying his/her lines. Without further ado, presenting the legendary buckle dance of, the one and only, SID LUCERO:

Once again, to everyone who worked so hard to make Amaya the game-changing television show that it is, THANK YOU! I will forever be grateful because you made it extremely memorable. And to those following Amaya, i have a lot more behind the scenes treats. I’ll post them slooowly :) ENJOY!

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