Journal Entry #8: Food shots galore..

I realized as I was fixing the photos for this post that I had a lot of food shots! It wasn’t planned at all but it made for some pretty nice pictures. Caught in the middle was the Centrum launch for the Centrum Nutricoach along with a guesting in Startalk TX in their TweetX segment with JC Tiuseco.


It all started with a really simple but sweet note from a fan! Thank you! I really appreciate these gestures :)


This was also the week that I gave the whole SAINN production Centrum goodies! Pills, tumblers, etc! They all loved it :D


Perfect timing, because I also just launched the Centrum Nutricoach in the Mind Museum


JC Tiuseco was my buddy for the week! We attended the Rajo for Milanos Event in SMX! FREE SHOES! Thank you SM and Rajo :)


Then the food shots started pouring in! A cake for dear Esme and Nay Mariana


I also found a stray Champ lying around the set


One of my all-time favorites! You guys know what that is! ;)


To cap of the week, I had TweetX guesting with JC Tiuseco again. I told you he was my buddy for the week :p

IMG_2752They were kind enough to give us extra goodies from Santi’s. More food as expected :p I’m not complaining ;)

Journal Entry #7: Floods, Taping and Mustaches..

This was another busy, busy week! We taped huge scenes in Subic which took 24hours to shoot but of course, we all still had fun. In between taping days, my work does not stop. I had the shoot for my 2nd Centrum commercial along with some manual labor back at home. At least, we ended the day with a very fun Live Chat! :D


It all started with ANOTHER flash flood. Is it just me or are these random strong rain showers getting more frequent?


So I had to man up, Iron Man style and go through the floods to make a mini-dam to protect the house #superherovibes


Then it was straight to taping for the new Centrum commercial! It’s all possible because of the supporters out there. THANK YOU! :D


Yes, we still had taping and I bought an ice cream sandwich to keep my energy up


Ayan, nasobrahan yata ang energy ko!


Then I think Esme contracted the energy-bug also! Linandi si Dandoy!


Not stopping there, linandi rin niya si Alvin!!! Whoaa…


I stuck to the right woman :p #CMfortheWin


Nagsama na rin ang mga high-energy! :D Playing with the rollers of Tita Rita! I didn’t know!!! Akala ko laruan siya :p


We ended the week with a really fun Live Chat that I hope everyone enjoyed. I want to do that again soon.

Resto Feature: Ninyo


Ninyo is a fusion cuisine restaurant that is located in Esteban Abada street, behind Katipunan. It actually looks like a house that was later converted into an establishment which is why the ambiance is very homey. As you can see from the pictures, it really just looks like a spruced up Filipino old-style home. I like it though because it doesn’t feel uptight and the vibe allows you to relax and unwind. It’s funny how I had studied in Katipunan all my life yet I only got to try this place out recently.


As I entered the place, I couldn’t help but appreciate the way it was designed. They had a lot of interesting art pieces and the interior was laid out in such a way that felt as if my lola had a hand in the design. Very comfy I have to admit!

Moving on, I got to the menu and decided to get the “Degustacion” course simply because I could not decide what to get. Basically, it consisted of 8 pre-selected dishes which I assumed were their best tasting ones. I had heard many good things about this restaurant so I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss out on anything. That seemed like the smart move because it was 1700pesos for everything plus I was planning to share with my eating buddy. I felt pretty good about myself, thinking I had gotten a great steal! :D hehe. Now, on to the food!!!

Starters: Bread and butter
I cannot stress how much I love bread and butter. I like it so much that I am very particular which restaurant serves good bread. Also, I have to control myself because there are times that I get full on just the bread alone!!! :( In Ninyo, their bread was above average. Definitely good enough for me to enjoy while waiting for the real food to come.


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On the Philippine Star: I Steak My Life On It

I Steak My Life On It
By Mikael Daez

Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 8.09.56 PM
Admittedly, I am a food-lover and I think I am going to stay that way for the rest of my life. Although I always try to stay open and adventurous when it comes to trying different kinds of cuisines, there are particular dishes that I tend to gravitate towards. One of those would be steak!! I am very much a carnivorous person and with all the red meat that I’ve chowed down in my lifetime, I would like to think that I have developed the ability to at least discern a quality steak from a sub-par one.

Thankfully, we have a multitude of steakhouses in Metro Manila and I have made it my personal mission to try out each and every one. From the very pricey steaks in the high-class, formal-only restaurants to those that they serve in weekly bazaars, I never miss out on a chance to try out some good meat.

With that, I would like to share some of my most memorable steak experiences:


Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 8.11.58 PM

I vividly remember my first experience with Mamou a few years back. It had just opened and was the talk of the Metro as a must-try restaurant. I even recall rumors that our former president GMA, was there regularly to munch on their Angus Ribeye steaks – it was that popular! One fateful weekend, I finally had the chance to check out what the hype was all about.

I entered their homey restaurant and, right away, asked for their steak! When it arrived, I immediately took notice. The presentation was very different from all the other steaks I’ve tried. There was oil drippings to dip my steak in and a slight crust around the edges of the meat. With my attention fully focused on it, I went in for that first bite! In quick succession, the first bite became a second then third until I had practically vacuumed the 300gram steak in well under 5 minutes (that’s frighteningly fast for you information). I had no idea what came over me but I cleaned my plate, put down my utensils and told my eating buddies that it was the best steak I had ever tried!!! That came as a huge surprise because I usually try to be careful with superlatives when describing my food experiences but I unwaveringly and unquestioningly consider that meal to be one of the best I have ever had!

Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 8.10.12 PM

Up to this day, I would revisit Mamou and order the same medium-cooked Angus Ribeye steak whenever there is a celebratory occasion. It just never fails to satisfy which is also a testament to their consistency as an establishment. As an added bonus, I would suggest that you pair their steak with their amazing Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream pasta and end your meal with their palette cleansing keylime pie. After you’ve eaten and moved on to food heaven, you can thank me later for giving you this tip.

Lu Restaurant

This restaurant is one that I have always noticed and heard about but only tried very recently. But, when I finally got my chance, I wondered why had not eaten there sooner!

Actually, that fateful night, I had lost my laptop and I was all sorts of depressed as any normal person would be. Consequently, I decided to try and cheer myself up and eat my way out of my funk although I didn’t really believe eating was going to help much.

Lu Restaurant

This is where Lu comes in. I dragged myself into their nicely lit restaurant and ordered their Ribeye steak. As they served my food, I didn’t really feel the usual excitement that I would get when trying something new. I simply wanted to get the night over with and drown in my misery. As I sliced the surprisingly very tender steak and depressingly took a bite out of it, something unexpected happened –my dejected look broke into a smile!!! As weird and shocking as that may sound, I was even more surprised at what had happened. As I chewed the steak, I just couldn’t help but be amazed at how tasty, juicy and amazing it tasted!! Even the misery that came from losing my laptop and all my files was overcome by the taste of their steak! I was literally smiling from ear to ear and felt like I had a split personality at one point! Actually, my eating buddy also was surprised but completely understood my reaction as soon as she tried the steak. It was definitely an unforgettable gastronomic moment!

Today, I look back at that food experience and am ultimately thankful for it. For one, it definitely made me forget about my problems during that day but it also showed me how powerful food and our sense of taste can affect us. Overall, I think that emotion is a great way to describe how food tastes and these little anecdotes clearly make my point. To all those willing to take a risk on food, goodluck and please drop me a line if you have any recommendations or good food findsJ

For any comments or words of gratitude for letting you know about these two amazing restaurants, email me at

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The simple things: puto + dulce de leche

So a few weeks ago i was doing some grocery shopping along tomas morato. out of nowhere i see a little crowd surrounding, what looked like a taho vendor (tin cans and all). Di ko pinansin. I didnt feel like getting taho anyway. But, as i got closer, i saw people coming out with —-> *see picture*

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The Great Debate: Chocolait vs Moo vs Chuckie

I have always liked chocolate milk! #fact —To make my point, I used to have marathon gaming sessions (4-10hours long) when i was in high school and my snacks rotated between pizza, juice and a liter of chocolate milk! The thing is, i never really noticed the difference in taste. I’m sure there IS a difference but i was always too busy enjoying the drink instead of trying to figure which one tasted better. Now, it is time to put the question to the test!! I want to figure out which one everyone else prefers? I’ll definitely go out of my way to try out each one for myself also. Let’s see how things go. #getyourtoiletsready

Xtremely Good Food in: Xtremely Xpresso Cafe

Over the holiday break, i had time to do whatever it is i wanted to do. Being a car and food lover, i drove hard and ate like a king. I did both of those so much that i ended up north, in a far away land called Subic (it’s really 2hours away, pa-drama effect lang). Anyway, driving really works up an apetite, especially when you have to “stick” to the speed limit *wink wink* so i found this restaurant which people have always told me to try out. Continue reading

On the Philippine Star: Holiday Midnight Snack Guide! :D

Please do not mind my "photoshop" skills (i used paint hehe) i try

Christmas is in the air (along with the horrendous metro manila traffic) and that means a lot to us Filipinos. We will all be getting our much needed breaks as we unwind, drink, eat and be merry until the wee hours of the morning. From experience, this is also the time of year season that I find myself midnight binging a lot more than usual. After-party binging, spontaneous-hangout-with-friends-late-at-night binging or even eating dinner at midnight because you messed up your body clock with all those Christmas parties you have to attend. Either way, you can expect the midnight dining scene to be packed and I would like to give my own version of the “Midnight Dining Guide” to help out those in search of gastronomic satisfaction. Continue reading