A Midnight Snack for The Hungry and Sleepless

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For the past two weeks, a simple 5-minute segment during the late night block of GMA 7 has been my pride and joy. It’s actually a big reason why I haven’t been able to write for a while. But, here I am looking back and I can’t help but smile as I type this post!

Before anything, I want to introduce Midnight Snack properly. It is a 5-minute segment that is aired at the end of Saksi from Mon-Thurs. That’s around 11:30pm but it changes slightly from day to day. As you can probably infer from the name, we feature different sorts of food and it’s my sole job to take you, the viewers, along with me on the Midnight Snack food trip!

IMG 2727

Fortunately, the segment has been warmly received and I have to thank all of those food-loving Filipinos out there and I know there are A LOT of you! :P Personally, it’s like I’m living a dream. I used to talk to my brother years ago about producing a food show similar to Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations or some of those other food-centric shows on Discovery Channel. Right now, it seems like it has finally come true and it feels great!

IMG 2819

I think I have become attached to this project more than any other because there is nobody else hosting with me. As for our production team, we have a maximum of 5 people on board and we devote every ounce of our energy to trying to make our segments the best that they can possibly be. Because of that, I guess we’ve all grown close and that just makes the work even more fulfilling.

In terms of the content, the awesome thing about Midnight Snack is that we not only feature interesting food, but we make it a point to look for its cultural and historical relevance! That added piece of information goes a long way in making sure that our segment not only makes you hungry but also more aware of these significant food facts.

IMG 0622

Before I give away too much, why not watch the segment instead?! :D It will air again tomorrow so please do watch it. Leave a comment here if you like it or have any suggestions. We are always open to looking for ways to improve and of course, looking for different kinds of food to feature. As usual, share this, tweet it or talk about it but don’t forget to watch :) Happy snacking!

Introducing Dean Vicencio | With A Smile


I would like to formally introduce Dean Vicencio from With A Smile!!! :D We’ve been promoting the show for a while now and finally, the week has come for Dean to finally see some action. For those who aren’t aware, Dean is my character in the newest teleserye of GMA 7 entitled “With A Smile.”

IMG 2820

Actually, Dean came out in the last scene of the previous episode which aired last friday but it was just a teaser for things to come. So far, our plugs and commercials have shown Dean as the typical rich, playboy but there is so much more to it than just that. What kind of relationship will Isay and Dean have? How will Dean and Aston react to one another. Personally, I love the script because it focuses on how these relationships develop.

Dean 2

For now, all I can see is that Dean will definitely be bringing a smile to your faces every morning!!! His personality is off the charts and there are many adventures that are still to come in With A Smile :D So please watch and support the show guys. Share this link, talk about it, tweet about it but most importantly, watch the show hahaahah :P

Tomorrow morning at 10:15am on GMA7, you’ll be seeing a LOT more of Dean! #Wootwoot See you on the TV screens :P

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Climbing Mt Batulao Part 3 | Selfie Edition

20130605 174627

If you want to read the previous posts check out part 1 here and part 2 here.

Now, we ended the last post with our team settling in the campsite. So what do we do with the sun setting and you’re on top of an awesome mountain?? Selfies!!! Haha!

20130605 174632

20130605 174805

20130605 174817

Yup, pagbigyan mo na kami! The lighting was great, the view was perfect, why not take a few hundred snapshots to capture the moment even if that moment included our face! Haha! Minsan lang naman ang ganito so, as Sweet Lapuz would put it, might as well!

20130605 174833

Shameless… I know!!! But it wasn’t all selfies. We did try some silhouette shots which turned out pretty well.

20130605 175629

20130605 175755

I had the dramatic post and karate kid pose come out pretty well.

20130605 175831

20130605 180312

I had a heart in the sky silhouette that also came out well. Unfortunately, I don’t know what to make of our “fight” shot. One person said it looks like we’re doing a tribal dance haha. What do you think??

20130605 180455

But of course, we ended our photo session with another selfie :P lol!!

20130605 181728

Before hiking back down, I cooked some scrambled eggs– my specialty! Hehe.

20130605 182310

And lastly, we did our final interview for Follow that Star. Overall, it was so much fun that the trip deserved 3 separate posts on my blog haha. That’s a first! Maybe I should do more things like this?? But for now, I’ll leave you with a shot that made our 6 hour hike worth it.

20130605 182533

Next challenge on the list is Mt Pulag!!! :D #lezzdothis

Climbing Mt Batulao Part 1 | Follow That Star BTS

20130605 152908

Our hike up Mt. Batulao for Follow that Star has got to be one of the best work experiences I’ve had. The nostalgia of hiking again and being outdoors made it feel like I wasn’t working at all. I have a feeling that the photos and my writing this post will not do the experience justice but I’ll give it a shot. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of Unang Hirit

20130522 074306

Unang Hirit is the morning news show of GMA that airs through out the week. It may air in the main channel but it’s actually GMA News TV that handles the whole production which also means that the hosts are from news TV. But of course, there are always guest hosts that mainly consist of celebrities helping out or promoting their shows. The downside however, to guesting in UH is that the shows starts at 5am!! Continue reading

Journal Entry #11: Gym, cats and soap?!

Revving up the engines for another blast of journal entries, let’s try and get these pictures to make some sense…

IMG_3277   First up was a tiring day at the gym! I’m no slouch when I’m lifting so if I look tired, I REALLY AM TIRED! No acting here :p Continue reading

On The Philippine Star: 10 Facts from Behind-the-scenes of My Beloved

10 Facts from Behind-the-scenes of My Beloved
by Mikael Daez

Viewers see us on television yet our real selves are never really seen by the public. I myself have my own experiences with the members of the cast. I think, to some extent, it’s good to share a little bit of ourselves sometimes. Here are little facts that I’ve come to discover during my work on My Beloved: Continue reading

On The Philippine Star: Uncut with Lovi Poe

Uncut with Lovi Poe
By Mikael Daez

Lovi Poe – I had only recognized her name prior to entering showbiz, with no real grasp of how she actually looked. To me, she was another actress in the sea of artists swimming around our ever-expanding television industry. Either way, it’s not like I was into local entertainment issues. Later though, I would discover that she is actually the daughter of the legendary FPJ. This came around about the same time her eye-catching billboard along North EDSA popped up. Then, in a surprise turn of events, I would be hurled headfirst into doing my first movie with her, Temptation Island. In each encounter I had with Lovi, come to find something new in her. It was like a puzzle where each time we would run into her or just a shade of her, I would get a better view of the whole picture, the whole persona of Lovi. With this interview, I think I found more than a few pieces that I can add to the person that is Lovi Poe. Continue reading

The Amaya Finale :)

Amaya RIP
After the many articles i’ve written and the pictures I’ve posted, my first project, a teleserye of EPIC proportions finally came to an end last week. I may not have been there all the way to the end but its significance in my life has been game-changing. From the learnings, to the experience to the journey itself, there is so much to take away from Amaya. For what might be the final time, i would like to thank again all of those who were part of the project. We made history, literally and figuratively (that is an amazing feat when you think about it long enough). Continue reading

World Class Pinoys: GMA 7 – Philippine National Anthem

What’s a better way to kick off the new year than with a little bit of national pride?! Here we go!

Before I entered GMA, I didn’t really watch a lot of television. Even more, i didn’t watch a lot of filipino shows/movies. I’d usually stick to gaming and the occasional blockbuster movie in the cinemas. However, there is one exception. There is this one video that I found to be so well made! It made me proud to be Filipino and honestly, proud to be in GMA. I’m not sure if this was ever a viral video or anything but I want to feature right now.

ISN’T IT GORGEOUS?! That’s a world class video right there! The production values, the shots, lighting and overall quality are all very good, in my opinion(im no expert though hehe). Plus, it’s so inspiring! For me, if anything I watch makes me feel something, then it is definitely worth a second look.

I hope they keep on making different versions of the national anthem! Maybe one that features all the legends and myths? One that has shots of our beautiful provinces? There are so many possiblities. It probably costs a lot of money to make a video like this but if it can invoke a sense of national pride to its viewers then that would be priceless! Yay or nay?