My First Love Is…

First off, I had no idea the final video was going to look like this. It looks really good— right?? When I was first asked to be a part of this project, I thought it was going to be a simple video greeting with a smartphone camera. I was so wrong! The prod team visited me on the set of Adarna and there were almost 10 people in the whole crew along with lights men, pro DSLRs and a director!! Yikes! I wasn’t ready for that at all but hey, I composed myself and went along with their short interview.

The second surprise came from my mom. I was at work when she received the link to the video along with some flowers sent by the company and she was ECSTATIC! She texted me right away along with a lot of capital letters, exclamation points and I-love-yous. Since I’m not a big Valentine’s person, I guess I’ve forgotten how the simple things are what make people the happiest. So a HUGE thank you to Breeze because they helped me put an even bigger smile on my mom’s face. :D Also, I’m making a mental note to put a bit more importance on the day of hearts. I love seeing people happy so I might as well do that as often as I can. :)

Happy Valentine’s to everyone! Writing this gave me several ideas already so off I go to get some belated Valentine’s Day gifts haha! :D

Tino Suits

I’ve always loved wearing suits. They make me feel so classy and proper even if I’m goofing around. Ever since I started hosting, I’ve had to wear suits more often than I thought which meant that I needed a bigger collection. Topman and Zara were my usual RTW brands when it came to my coat and tie needs and to be honest, I was quite happy with them. I even felt the urge to collect several colors. Black, dark blue, gray, light gray, pinstriped, etc… Aside from needing them for works, I liked having the suits lined up in my closet hehe.

Tino2 On that note, in comes Tino. They are a shop that produces custom-made suits and barongs. They offered to make me my first tailored suit and I happily obliged

Tino1 I had never seen a tailor’s shop but as expected, they had their wares hung up for everyone to see.

Tino8 Before we got started, I met the daughter of the master tailor and she briefed me on what their shop was all about. Her dad, one of the supposedly few master tailors in the Philippines, creates bespoke suits and barongs. (Bespoke– meaning a product made to your exact specification)

Tino13 After that little intro, I met the master tailor himself :D Both of them overwhelmed me with info about suits, the types, the cuts, where to wear them, what colors to use at particular times of the day and whole bunch of other things!

Tino10 I was measured..

Tino12 They even told me my left shoulder sloped slightly lower than my right..

Tino14 At the end of it all, we came up with this :)

Tino7 Before leaving, I chose the color of my suit and they told me to come back in a week or two for my first fitting. Overall, it was a great experience and I loved how they tried to teach me about what to look for in bespoke suits. They told me new things about my body and what to look out for when I’m buying certain pieces of clothing. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of suit they’d come up with.

A few short weeks later, here is the fabulous suit!! I love the color and I think it looks amazing with my kicks! Some classic Nike Cortez sneaks that totally shows off my kind of fashion. Yay or nay?! Either way, I like it!

Tino 114 Ground Flr., Herco Center, Benavidez St. Legaspi Village, 1740 Makati


Work, work, work…

IMG 6452

I’m on the set of Unang Hirit as I write this post. Man, I have not written in the longest time! Oh wait.. I’ve been writing, I just never got around to publishing any of them. I’ve been so busy doing other things that I haven’t given myself time to sit down and share some of my thoughts. Even on social media I’ve been very intermittent! :(

On the flipside, being busy should be a good thing, right? Especially in an industry that stays true to the quote, “no work, no pay,” having a busy schedule is a blessing. I’ve been taping Adarna since November and the people there have been extremely nice. It’s unfortunate I didn’t get to work with everyone because the fantasy characters never really met the human characters. Also, I’ve been irregularly co-hosting in Unang Hirit! Although sometimes I think that I’m asked to host because I’m the only one excited enough to wake up at 4am to go to work! Haha. But hey, I love doing the morning show! Awesome people to work with and I get to start my day 5 hours ahead of everyone else. Of course, there’s also Midnight Express! My pride, my joy, my absolute favorite show at the moment. Just watch it and you’ll understand.

With those three projects going around, the occasional promo tour and some brand-related activities, I end up with not a lot of time to do other things… Or so I say that now. But really, I think with a bit of time management, I can still do a lot more things! I just make it an excuse that I have three projects on my plate at the moment but there’s still a lot of free time to go around.

Let’s see… I want to travel! I want to travel and shoot Midnight Express. I want to go all over the world and share my experiences. So… I think I’ll do that! :D There’s a travel expo coming up this weekend and I’m definitely planning to check it out! C’mon world, I’m ready!

I want to keep writing. I miss writing on the blog and for Philippine Star. I’ve had so many ideas but another thing that’s been stopping me is my compulsion to always edit and come out with the perfect piece. I think I’ll do away with that and start churning out more on-the-fly posts. Game! Let’s do it! I have some past experiences that I still want to share. Let’s hope this works out now! :)

The Adventure Through Manila-Indonesia-Singapore Part 2

Continuing where the previous post ended, I had just landed in Indonesia and it didn’t seem like the adventure was over just yet. A slew of unfortunate events came my way but definitely added to the whole experience.


4. How to get to Bali

Touchdown Jakarta! Unfortunately for me, I had nothing planned beyond landing in their airport. It was 1am and I had no idea what to do next. All I knew was that I had to get to Bali. It took around half an hour to familiarize myself with the airport and talk to some people on how to buy a ticket. I found out that there was a flight to Bali at 540am but I had to wait until 3am to buy a ticket. That was easy enough. I just had to wait for the ticketing offices and check in counters to open so I just gave myself a walking tour of their airport. It wasn’t anything great but I loved that they used an Indonesian design theme.

5. The chance passenger!

3am on the dot and I was patiently waiting outside the Garuda Air office. I assume that’s their budget airline. To my surprise, the 540am and 740am flights to Bali we’re full! :( There was one more available seat in the 1040am flight so I took it. I asked though if there was any chance of getting on the earlier flight. I was told that I could be a chance passenger but I would have to wait until 510am before I could find out. I killed time right in front of the check in counter. Even before 510am I would talk to the flight officer and tell him I wanted to get on the flight! By 510am, he just kept telling me to wait. There were so many passengers lining up and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fly out early. I was sleepy and tired from traveling all night but I was determined to get on the first flight. Since the flight officer didn’t tell me where to wait, I stood right next to him looking over what he was doing every so often hahaha. 10min before the flight he looks at me, half annoyed at my persistence I assume, and he gave me a boarding pass!! Hahaha! Yay! #PinoyPersistence


6. Homeless in Bali

Touchdown Bali!!! I was so excited and I couldn’t believe that I had made it to Bali. The trip was so hastily and spontaneously done that it didn’t sink in that I was so far away from home. I took a taxi from the airport to Ayodya resort for 125,000 Rupiah. (Yeah, they’re prices are CRAZY). And just when I thought I was going to be able to rest, I walk up to the reception and they tell me that the place is FULLY BOOKED! I was in shock. I wasn’t counting on that at all! I was so tired and disheartened that I sat in the lobby for a good half hour before deciding on what to do. Thankfully there were hotels nearby so I took my bags and walked over to Novotel and Marriott. Just my luck, they were also FULLY BOOKED! We’ll technically, there was one room in Novotel but it was for 6 people! I wasn’t going to spend on that.

Seemingly out of options, a receptionist told me to check out their business center so I could call other resorts in Bali instead of walking in to each one. On the way, I was on my iPad googling hotels then I decided to use That was my saving grace! At first, I checked Ayodya hotel just to see how much it would’ve cost if I stayed there. But then I decided to try searching for a room on that day. I didn’t think it’d allow me to book on the same day but I was wrong!!! I hit search and there were TWO basic rooms available! I was SO HAPPY!!! I used my credit card and bought it online! Then, I ran back to Ayodya and told the receptionist that I had a booking pala! She was dumbfounded. She couldn’t understand how I could have a booking when I just walked in a few minutes ago and she told me they were full! I couldn’t believe it myself but I had the confirmation receipt and they were obligated to give me a room! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED


7. Agoda explained

Apparently, websites like Agoda purchase rooms by bulk. Because I had walked in, the hotel had to report they were fully booked but that didn’t necessarily mean that Agoda did not sell all their bookings yet. So for those who travel like me, always know that there’s still a chance if you book through websites like :)

8. Vacation begins!

Yes, my hotel dilemma was the last straw in my crazy trip to Bali! I was able to final enjoy and relax. A day later, I flew out to Singapore for my first F1 Grand Prix. :D

The Adventure Through Manila-Indonesia-Singapore Part 1

A few weeks ago, I travelled to Indonesia and Singapore to take a break from the craziness of work. Taping for With A Smile and Titser had just ended and it seemed like a perfect way to “get away.” I would check out Bali for a bit then head over to Singapore to catch the F1 night race. It seems that these kinds of vacations don’t always go as planned especially when there is NO PLAN! :P The trip was a semi-spontaneous decision and this is was the adventure that resulted…


It was Friday and I had a Watsons presscon for the #SwitchNSave campaign. My call time was at 3pm along with Patty, Tessa and Iya in Aracama but at that time, I didn’t even have a ticket to Indonesia yet!! When the presscon ended at 5pm, I realized I had to go back to QC to get my passport and then I encountered my first problem.

1. Booking woes

I had been calling PAL all day and nobody was picking up! Finally, at 6pm, they answered and I was able to book a flight to Jakarta at 9pm. That sounds crazy considering I still had to travel back to QC to get my stuff. THREE HOURS to go to QC and back to the airport! :/

2. Beating Manila traffic

Next roadblock was traffic! It was 8pm and I was still in EDSA-Ayala! I didn’t think I was going to make it but I was able to have myself checked in at least. All I had to do was get to the airport before the boarding gates closed but even that was going to be difficult! Luckily, I got to terminal 2 at 840pm and got to the plane JUST ON TIME. Thank you to the extremely nice people of PAL for taking care of me when I got to the airport.

3. The Midnight Snack problem

And if you thought that making my flight was my biggest problem, it wasn’t!! I was inside the plane with the door closed and the engine running and I realized, I hadn’t done my voice over for the Midnight Snack episode for that night!!! It was like a mountain came crashing over me at that very second :( I panicked and called my EP and we were both hysterical! The engine noise was so loud and my signal was weak. We were going to take off at anytime!!! But then, I told myself I had to try! I leapt to the lavatory, opened my mail and voice over-ed using my iPhone! I read the VO hoping to just give them enough material to use. I thought maybe they could edit and filter out the noise. I just wanted to be able to read everything. I finished in a little over a minute and the moment of truth was up next, sending it over 3G before taking off. I fumbled with my phone while trying to send the email before the flight attendants could tell us to switch our phones off and before I lost my signal.

BOOM! Audio file sent! The amount of relief I had felt when I saw the email go through was unlike any other moment in my life. All was well and I could only hope that the file was good enough to use. As the plane took off I listened to my recording and it didn’t sound bad at all! Huge win for technology right there :) There was minimal noise and my voice was still relatively clear. Whew.. Go Midnight Snack!!! Haha. Looking back, this is a story I will tell over and over again hahaha :)


A Midnight Snack for The Hungry and Sleepless

IMG 2724

For the past two weeks, a simple 5-minute segment during the late night block of GMA 7 has been my pride and joy. It’s actually a big reason why I haven’t been able to write for a while. But, here I am looking back and I can’t help but smile as I type this post!

Before anything, I want to introduce Midnight Snack properly. It is a 5-minute segment that is aired at the end of Saksi from Mon-Thurs. That’s around 11:30pm but it changes slightly from day to day. As you can probably infer from the name, we feature different sorts of food and it’s my sole job to take you, the viewers, along with me on the Midnight Snack food trip!

IMG 2727

Fortunately, the segment has been warmly received and I have to thank all of those food-loving Filipinos out there and I know there are A LOT of you! :P Personally, it’s like I’m living a dream. I used to talk to my brother years ago about producing a food show similar to Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations or some of those other food-centric shows on Discovery Channel. Right now, it seems like it has finally come true and it feels great!

IMG 2819

I think I have become attached to this project more than any other because there is nobody else hosting with me. As for our production team, we have a maximum of 5 people on board and we devote every ounce of our energy to trying to make our segments the best that they can possibly be. Because of that, I guess we’ve all grown close and that just makes the work even more fulfilling.

In terms of the content, the awesome thing about Midnight Snack is that we not only feature interesting food, but we make it a point to look for its cultural and historical relevance! That added piece of information goes a long way in making sure that our segment not only makes you hungry but also more aware of these significant food facts.

IMG 0622

Before I give away too much, why not watch the segment instead?! :D It will air again tomorrow so please do watch it. Leave a comment here if you like it or have any suggestions. We are always open to looking for ways to improve and of course, looking for different kinds of food to feature. As usual, share this, tweet it or talk about it but don’t forget to watch :) Happy snacking!

Introducing Dean Vicencio | With A Smile


I would like to formally introduce Dean Vicencio from With A Smile!!! :D We’ve been promoting the show for a while now and finally, the week has come for Dean to finally see some action. For those who aren’t aware, Dean is my character in the newest teleserye of GMA 7 entitled “With A Smile.”

IMG 2820

Actually, Dean came out in the last scene of the previous episode which aired last friday but it was just a teaser for things to come. So far, our plugs and commercials have shown Dean as the typical rich, playboy but there is so much more to it than just that. What kind of relationship will Isay and Dean have? How will Dean and Aston react to one another. Personally, I love the script because it focuses on how these relationships develop.

Dean 2

For now, all I can see is that Dean will definitely be bringing a smile to your faces every morning!!! His personality is off the charts and there are many adventures that are still to come in With A Smile :D So please watch and support the show guys. Share this link, talk about it, tweet about it but most importantly, watch the show hahaahah :P

Tomorrow morning at 10:15am on GMA7, you’ll be seeing a LOT more of Dean! #Wootwoot See you on the TV screens :P

IMG 2302

Climbing Mt Batulao Part 3 | Selfie Edition

20130605 174627

If you want to read the previous posts check out part 1 here and part 2 here.

Now, we ended the last post with our team settling in the campsite. So what do we do with the sun setting and you’re on top of an awesome mountain?? Selfies!!! Haha!

20130605 174632

20130605 174805

20130605 174817

Yup, pagbigyan mo na kami! The lighting was great, the view was perfect, why not take a few hundred snapshots to capture the moment even if that moment included our face! Haha! Minsan lang naman ang ganito so, as Sweet Lapuz would put it, might as well!

20130605 174833

Shameless… I know!!! But it wasn’t all selfies. We did try some silhouette shots which turned out pretty well.

20130605 175629

20130605 175755

I had the dramatic post and karate kid pose come out pretty well.

20130605 175831

20130605 180312

I had a heart in the sky silhouette that also came out well. Unfortunately, I don’t know what to make of our “fight” shot. One person said it looks like we’re doing a tribal dance haha. What do you think??

20130605 180455

But of course, we ended our photo session with another selfie :P lol!!

20130605 181728

Before hiking back down, I cooked some scrambled eggs– my specialty! Hehe.

20130605 182310

And lastly, we did our final interview for Follow that Star. Overall, it was so much fun that the trip deserved 3 separate posts on my blog haha. That’s a first! Maybe I should do more things like this?? But for now, I’ll leave you with a shot that made our 6 hour hike worth it.

20130605 182533

Next challenge on the list is Mt Pulag!!! :D #lezzdothis

Climbing Mt Batulao Part 2 | Follow That Star BTS

20130605 170206

If you want to read part 1 of the climb then click here :)

After reaching our first peak, the view of our climb changed for the better. We could see an outline of the mountain that was covered in grass that was taller than me. It actually looked like a scene out of Lord of the Rings.

20130605 170128

20130605 170233

I was like a Hobbit trying to destroy the ring! (Geek alert!) But anyway, we eventually reached our next peak a few minutes later.

20130605 171417

With each peak, we would actually go a little bit higher. It didn’t seem like a big difference when you’re looking at the peaks from afar but when you’re standing on top, the view is way more beautiful!

20130605 171523

20130605 171832

I obviously can’t get enough of these pictures because they look like they’re from Final Fantasy/LOTR or something :P hehe

20130605 174303

Several peaks later, and we finally reach the campsite which was situated on peak 7! We wanted to go further but it would’ve been useless because the sun was going down. No light means we wouldn’t have been able to see the view anyway. So what do you do when you’re on top of the world with the sun setting beautifully? I’ll post that next! :P

Cake Overload | Calea in Bacolod

IMG 0420

We went absolutely crazy for the cakes in Calea when we visited Bacolod. I had heard so much about this cake shop the past few years but I just haven’t had the time to drop by whenever I have work in Bacolod. Finally, we made it a point to find out what the talk was all about. Continue reading