Tino Suits

I’ve always loved wearing suits. They make me feel so classy and proper even if I’m goofing around. Ever since I started hosting, I’ve had to wear suits more often than I thought which meant that I needed a bigger collection. Topman and Zara were my usual RTW brands when it came to my coat and tie needs and to be honest, I was quite happy with them. I even felt the urge to collect several colors. Black, dark blue, gray, light gray, pinstriped, etc… Aside from needing them for works, I liked having the suits lined up in my closet hehe.

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Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga Journal #2

Okay, I apologize for the delays yet again! But I will always keep on trying to get these posts out on time. One of these days maybe I should share how my schedule looks to prove that I’m not intentionally slacking off haha :p Anyway, I ended the last photojournal entry with team SAINN starting the many, MANY promo tours that GMA has lined up for us. I guess, that’s where I’ll start this post :D

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Official Blogger for Juice.ph

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During my time away from this blog, I was actually busy working on My Beloved as well as setting up a new blog for Juice.ph! That’s right, I officially have two blogs now :) It’s actually pretty fun given that we both have very different markets. In that way, the my topics on each blog get to be more specific :) Just so you know what I mean, drop by and please support my Juice.ph blog here

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