Juice.ph: The “Goto” Way (Published Dec 2012

During the holidays last week, I made it a point to find some quality rest and relaxation! That brought me to Subic, Olongapo– one of the most laid back and chill places in the Philippines! There’s a great sense of calm because everything is so organized and nobody ever seems to be in a rush. Heck, the best example of that is how everyone on the road follows and HAS to follow the stop signs painted on the pavement. Apparently, the traffic rules are waaaay different from Metro Manila standards. Example: If you see a stop sign on an intersection, you have to FULLY stop! Not a rolling stop, not a slow down but an actual stand still even if there aren’t any cars within eye sight! That is NOT the Filipino driving way but if you don’t comply, the road officials will TAKE YOU DOWN! (It’s happened to me haha)

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Journal Entry #7: Floods, Taping and Mustaches..

This was another busy, busy week! We taped huge scenes in Subic which took 24hours to shoot but of course, we all still had fun. In between taping days, my work does not stop. I had the shoot for my 2nd Centrum commercial along with some manual labor back at home. At least, we ended the day with a very fun Live Chat! :D


It all started with ANOTHER flash flood. Is it just me or are these random strong rain showers getting more frequent?


So I had to man up, Iron Man style and go through the floods to make a mini-dam to protect the house #superherovibes


Then it was straight to taping for the new Centrum commercial! It’s all possible because of the supporters out there. THANK YOU! :D


Yes, we still had taping and I bought an ice cream sandwich to keep my energy up


Ayan, nasobrahan yata ang energy ko!


Then I think Esme contracted the energy-bug also! Linandi si Dandoy!


Not stopping there, linandi rin niya si Alvin!!! Whoaa…


I stuck to the right woman :p #CMfortheWin


Nagsama na rin ang mga high-energy! :D Playing with the rollers of Tita Rita! I didn’t know!!! Akala ko laruan siya :p


We ended the week with a really fun Live Chat that I hope everyone enjoyed. I want to do that again soon.

Xtremely Good Food in: Xtremely Xpresso Cafe

Over the holiday break, i had time to do whatever it is i wanted to do. Being a car and food lover, i drove hard and ate like a king. I did both of those so much that i ended up north, in a far away land called Subic (it’s really 2hours away, pa-drama effect lang). Anyway, driving really works up an apetite, especially when you have to “stick” to the speed limit *wink wink* so i found this restaurant which people have always told me to try out. Continue reading